Baby Safety Helmet
Baby Safety Helmet
Baby Safety Helmet
Baby Safety Helmet
Baby Safety Helmet
Baby Safety Helmet
Baby Safety Helmet
Baby Safety Helmet


Baby Safety Helmet

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Microfiber foam

Baby Safety Helmet Protecting Your Precious One you worried about your little explorer's safety while they take their first. Our Baby Safety Helmet is designed with the utmost care to keep your child protected as they embark on their exciting journey of discovery. Crafted with lightweight materials and a cozy inner lining, this helmet provides essential head protection, ensuring your baby can explore their world with confidence and security.

Baby Safety Helmet

Comfort is key for your baby, and our safety helmet offers just that. With an adjustable chin strap and breathable design, it's a comfortable fit for your child. Plus, it comes in various delightful colors and fun patterns, making it an accessory your baby will love to wear. Not only is it a safety measure, but it's also a fashion statement, ensuring your little one looks adorable while staying protected.

Perfect for Active Babies

Is your baby a little dynamo, always on the move. Our Baby Safety Helmet is perfect for those active adventurers. Whether they're crawling, cruising, or learning to walk, this helmet provides essential cushioning to prevent injuries in case of a tumble. It's like a guardian angel for your baby's head, allowing you to relax while they explore the world around them.

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Product Feature:

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Product Overview:

  • The outer cover is made from soft cotton 
  • Breathable, lightweight and sweat-absorbent
  • Adjustable head size
  • Tie knot closure makes it a perfect fit
  • Designed to protect the baby from harsh bumps while learning to crawl and walk

Brand - Baby Moo
Type - Baby Helmet
Age - 9 Months to 3 Years
Dimensions - L 20 x B 20 x H 15 cm
Outer Material - Cotton
Filler Material - Microfiber foam 

Baby Moo's cushioned safety helmet protects your baby's head against collisions and decreases the injury risk. Lightweight and breathable, this safety helmet offers ideal protection for toddlers when they crawl, learn to walk, and even during playtime.

Baby Moo products are manufactured & curated with love and care, the way a parent would handpick the best for their little ones. Baby Moo offers a wide variety of products of the highest quality which is accessible to all.

Parents struggle to find the perfect product for their baby at a reasonable price, and most often end up compromising. We felt that this helplessness that parents face should be aided by the baby product industry through top-notch quality products at affordable prices, all in one place. Hence, Baby Moo is the answer to every parent's cry who is in need of a hassle-free life while enjoying parenting.

Our managing style leans heavily towards sustainability, and we believe that it will always help us thrive. Living by our sustainability principles, we always feature as many organic and eco-friendly products as we can because nature's well-being starts from one's own backyard.

At Baby Moo, we also care for every young mind, which is why our wide range includes products that enhance the growth and development of your child in every way.  
We believe that every child is a STAR, so when Your STAR is Born we are here to help it shine.

At Baby Moo, we want to offer every little precious star the very best so they can make their mark in the galaxy. We never see them as a boy or girl and the same is reflected in our assortment of products which are gender neutral.

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Customer Reviews

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Gudrun Nienow

Good quality is not hard material is soft a little big for my baby's head but it is still adjustable very good quality for what it is worth.

Genesis Hoeger

Excellent as is the photo is of good material and well padded 100% recommended

Virgil Muller

Baby Safety Helmet

Destinee Crist

Perfect for baby

Jeffery Hagenes

All good