Hiking Baby Carrier
Hiking Baby Carrier
Hiking Baby Carrier
Hiking Baby Carrier
Hiking Baby Carrier
Hiking Baby Carrier


Hiking Baby Carrier

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Hiking Baby Carrier, your passport to exciting outdoor adventures with your little one. This carrier is specially designed to provide both you and your baby with comfort and safety while exploring the wilderness.

Hiking Baby Carrier

Our Hiking Baby Carrier is built for adventure, ensuring it can withstand rugged terrains and various weather conditions. The Hiking Baby Carrier isn't just a piece of gear it's a memory maker. It allows you to create unforgettable moments with your baby while enjoying the beauty of nature. Discover outdoor adventures with your baby using our Hiking Baby Carrier. Comfortable, durable, and designed for safety, it's the perfect choice for adventurous families. Create lifelong memories exploring the wilderness together.


Here's why it's the ultimate choice for hiking families:

  • Comfortable for All-Day Wear: The carrier is designed for maximum comfort with padded shoulder straps and an ergonomic hip belt to ensure you and your baby can enjoy long hikes without discomfort.
  • Safety First: Your baby's safety is our priority. The carrier includes a secure harness and a sturdy frame, providing peace of mind during outdoor escapades.
  • Enjoy the Scenery: With a higher seating position, your baby gets to enjoy the scenery as much as you do, creating memorable experiences for both of you.

Built for Adventure and Durability

Here's why it's the perfect companion for intrepid explorers:

  • Robust Construction: Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, this carrier can endure the wear and tear of adventurous hikes.
  • Weather-Ready: It comes with a weather shield to protect your baby from sun and rain, keeping them comfortable regardless of the conditions.
  • Easy Storage: The carrier offers ample storage for your hiking essentials, so you can bring everything you need on your outdoor journeys.


  • Child weight: 22 kg

  • Luggage: 2 kg

The Kid Comfort is the successor model of the Kid Comfort 2.

    210D PA
    This fabric has a very tight weave and despite the lower strength of 210D, it is still very robust. It is tear and abrasion-resistant, watertight to 1500 mm yet still lightweight.

    • D stands for denier. This describes the yarn weight. 600D corresponds to 600 grams per 9000 meters.
    • PES stands for polyester. PES fibers are very tear and abrasion-resistant and hardly absorb moisture.
    • PA stands for polyamide. PA fibers are extremely durable and abrasion-resistant. They are also characterized by high elasticity and low weight.


    • Weight
    • 3230 g
    • Volume
    • 14 liters
    • Dimensions
    • 72 / 43 / 34 (h x w x d) cm
    • Recommended load
    • 9 - 24 kg
    • Back length
    • 44 - 58 cm
    • Body height
    • 158 - 195 cm

    Hiking Baby Carrier

    Customer Reviews

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    Isadore Lang

    I loved my product, fast delivery, excellent price!

    Miller Stamm

    Hiking Baby Carrier

    Judy Rowe

    I imagined it with the backrest a bit padded but, it is wonderful, it is worth every time, it is robust, it is easy to put on and safe for the baby, it arrived super fast, highly recommended

    Ladarius Hagenes

    Great cost benefit and arrived very fast. The seam is only very weak, I will have to reinforce it with one more sewing hand.

    Reagan Schamberger

    Very nice and comfortable;..I recommend the seller