Scratch Art Papers
Scratch Art Papers
Scratch Art Papers
Scratch Art Papers


Scratch Art Papers

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Scratch Art Papers Unleash your artistic potential with our Scratch Art Papers. Dive into a world of endless imagination as you embark on a creative journey like no other. These high-quality papers provide the canvas for your wildest dreams, allowing you to craft, sketch, and create with absolute freedom. Whether you're an aspiring artist or an experienced creator, our Scratch Art Papers are designed to cater to your desires. With each stroke of the stylus, you'll reveal vibrant and captivating colors beneath the surface.

Scratch Art Papers

These Scratch Art Papers aren't just for artists; they're perfect for everyone. The simplicity of scratching off the black coating to reveal stunning rainbow hues is an experience that transcends age. Kids can have hours of amusement, enhancing their fine motor skills and fostering creativity. Meanwhile, adults can find therapeutic relief through this calming and mesmerizing process. Our Scratch Art Papers are an ideal way to engage family members, friends, or colleagues in a collaborative art project.

Scratch Art Papers Unleash Unique Designs

Scratch Art Papers customization knows no bounds with Scratch Art Papers. Express yourself with intricate patterns, and doodles, or simply let your imagination run wild. These papers are perfect for personalized greeting cards, DIY decorations, and memorable gifts. Create one-of-a-kind invitations, bookmarks, or unique party favors that leave a lasting impression. You'll be amazed by the mesmerizing effects you can achieve, ensuring your creations stand out and become cherished keepsakes.
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    • Heavyweight paper (e.g. cardstock, poster board, drawing paper)
    • Black tempera paint or poster paint
    • Liquid dishwashing soap
    • Crayons
    • Foam brush or large paint brush
    • Wooden dowel, chopstick, or toothpick
    • Pencil sharpener (optional)


      Color an entire sheet of paper.

      Color an entire sheet of heavyweight paper using crayons (do not use washable crayons!). You can do a single color for the entire sheet or make it as colorful as you like. Create stripes, swirls, or random shapes and patterns. Do not leave any white space or uncolored areas.

      Younger kids may find it hard to color close to the edges of the paper. To make it easier for them, mark the area they need to color by drawing a rectangle at the center of the paper. After they have colored the marked area, cut along the edges of the rectangle.

      Mix some soap with black paint.

      Place some black tempera paint or poster paint in a palette or small bowl. Add a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap. The proportion is about a drop of soap for a tablespoon of paint. Mix well.

      Paint the paper.

      Use a foam brush or a large paintbrush to apply a thick layer of black paint. Try to make the paint layer as even as you can.

      Let the paint dry.

      After covering the entire picture with black paint, set it aside to dry. You can check on it after a few hours. Mine took about 2 hours to dry.

      Prepare a scratching tool.

      Find a pointed object to use as a scratching tool. Toothpicks, paper clips, a spent ballpoint pen, or a sharpened wooden dowel or chopstick can be used.

      Start scratching.

      Think of a picture that you want to make. Use the tip of your scratching tool to scratch out lines and make patterns or images. As you scratch outlines and shapes, the colorful crayon layer beneath the paint will show through.

      Besides making lines, you can scratch out entire sections of black paint to create large colored areas.

      Do not blow the bits of dried paint that you scratch off. Instead, let the particles slide off from the paper into a bin.

      Finish your picture.

      Continue until you have completed your picture.

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      Scratch Art Papers

      Customer Reviews

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      Elijah McKenzie

      Excellent product, it has paste from the back and so you can fix it while the children paint, Big Pictures good for toddlers. I recommend it

      Devin O'Reilly

      very cute- my boys loved it, very durable for many materials

      Murphy Breitenberg

      Interesting coloring, sticks to the wall! The picture quality is good! Children should like it! The goods arrived very quickly!

      Karolann Weber

      Very nice, my son has loved the leaves have a little glue from behind to be able to stick it on the wall or on the floor.

      Gay Hansen

      Great coloring pages. The back is slightly sticky which makes it much easier for the kids today keep it in place. Nice drawings. A long 3 meter scroll. Kids love it.